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ChicosThe Fondo Quisqueya Foundation ("Fondo Q'" or "FQ"), is a small (501(c) (3) non-profit that provides low income Dominicans in the Dominican Republic ("DR") with scholarships and grants for educational and training purposes designed to assist them in bettering their lives and to help them attain personal development, skills, and advancement. Formed in 1987 by ex-Peace Corps Volunteers ("PCVs") and staff who served in the DR, Fondo Q is supported by ex-PCVs and staff, and other friends of the DR, through donations and in-kind support. FQ has no paid staff.


It is with great sadness that we share that Fondo Quisqueya co-founder, BJ Warren, passed away on Friday, March 28, 2014. BJ was a pillar of our organization with a long history of involvement in Peace Corps. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru from 1962-64 and served on the Peace Corps staff in the Dominican Republic from 1964-67.  Thanks to Minor Anderson for sharing the following bit of early Peace Corps/DR history, where BJ and others were instrumental in keeping Volunteers safe and together during the 1965 revolution.


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Click on names of the province below the map to see Grant Recipients from each region.

Too see a Google Map of the distribution of the some of the more reccent Grant Recipients, click here.


6.Elías Piña
7.El Seybo
9.Hato Mayor
11.La Altagracia
12.La Romana
13.La Vega
14.María Trinidad Sánchez
15.Monseñor Nouel
16.Monte Cristi
17.Monte Plata
20.Puerto Plata
23.Sánchez Ramírez
24.San Cristóbal
25.San José de Ocoa
26.San Juan
27.San Pedro de Macorís
29.Santiago Rodríguez
30.Santo Domingo
DN. Distrito Nacional (The City of Santo Domingo)

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